Friday, November 3, 2006

Google Adwords Tips

Google Adwords Tips

  • Detach from your keywords

  • Do not become attached to your key words. If a key word you have found or a group of key words you have found are receiving numerous impressions but no clicks, delete them and get rid of them.

    Getting rid of unwanted impressions will boost the click through rates of your ad, increase the position of your existing key words that are getting clicks, and make you more money.

  • Bid on competitors names

  • Bidding on your competitors' trademark names, brand name and
    product names is an excellent way to drive related traffic to your
    site. It is proven to convert traffic and to get a higher conversion
    rate then generic keywords.

    Just be careful not to use your competitors name and brands in
    your ad, as this can confuse your customers, reduce your
    conversion rates and also, attract the legal department of your

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