Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Earn Money with Google Adsense and Wordpress

Earn Money with Google Adsense and Wordpress
Author: Nicky Pilkington

If you have a business in online marketing using Google Adsense and affiliate marketing then you should consider using Wordpress as a basis for your site.

Wordpress is a blogging platform that can also be used as a Content Management System (CMS). Getting content online with Wordpress is quick and easy, and managing your content is a breeze.

Wordpress has an administration panel known as 'dashboard' which allows you to write and manage posts and pages in a simple wordprocessor like fashion. Dashboard also allows you to manage categories and all other aspects of your site.

The really great thing about using Wordpress as a basis for your adsense website is how customizable it is. Many thousands of different templates (or 'themes') are freely available to Wordpress users, and many of these include adsense blocks in optimal positions for maximizing your clickthrough rate. This means that creating an adsense website can be as simple as uploading a adsense ready theme to your server. This leaves you with more free time to concentrate on writing quality content for your website!

Some Wordpress themes that include adsense ad units and link units are also Search Engine Optimized (SEO), which means that the pages of your site are constructed in the best way possible for search engine spiders, and also the pages are interlinked in such a way as to ensure the search engines can reach all pages of your site in the correct manner.

Wordpress also 'pings' many services for you through pingomatic each time you create a new post. This alerts the search engines to the fact that you have created new content and tells them to send the search engine spiders out to index your site. RSS feeds and sitemaps can also be generated automatically.

As Wordpress is a blogging platform it has built in functionality to allow visitors to your site to comment on the articles you write. This is great as it encourages user interaction and site 'stickyness' . Another often overlooked advantage to this is that your readers are creating more content on your website each time they leave a comment!

Thousands of 'plugins' are available for Wordpress - plugins bring extra functions to your site and are quick and easy to install. One super-useful plugin for affiliate marketers automatically turns words into links. It is easy to create a list of affiliate links and words that you would like them associated to.

Wordpress is the adsense and affiliate webmasters best friend!

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