Monday, November 6, 2006

Tip - Tracking Clickbank Products

Tip - Tracking Clickbank Products

Open up multiple accounts on clickbank to track at either the adgroup level or even the keyword level. In the case of tracking on the adgroup level, assign a different account to each adgroup that you want to track. You can name your accounts ABC1, ABC2, etc. and then correlate sales in each account to the appropriate adgroup. Use a spreadsheet to organize your account names and corresponding adgroups.

Apply the same concept down to the keyword level. Reserve some of your account names for testing actual keyword phrases. Again, accounts that generate sales correlate to the exact keyword combinations that are converting. The most efficient way to manage this form of tracking is to use software that will download all of your clickbank statistics by logging into each of your accounts and organizing the data in an easy to read fashion. CBStatz is the best software for doing this.

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