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The Google Factor Part 4-the Google Toolbar

The Google Factor Part 4-the Google Toolbar
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Another way to partner with Google is to download their free toolbar. This is a very useful little bar that sits at the top of your browser page. It is fully loaded with all sorts of tools to save you time. It is helpful for Google as well because by means of the toolbar they can check on what people are searching for the most and fine tune their search engine accordingly.

How does the Toolbar help you?

1. Google search: This icon allows you to:

  • Go to Google's home page. Google's advertising tools can be accessed from here.
  • You can quickly check your Google Adwords campaigns and Google Adsense account.
  • This also allows you to search for any URL, key phrase or keyword from your own browser without having to go to Google's homepage and saves a lot of time

    2. Google News: a useful short cut to Google news. Here you can view all sorts of news items from various newspapers. It is useful for keeping up with the latest news in your industry.

    3. Page Rank: You can check your page rank and other websites with this little meter in the center of the tool bar. If it is grey you are not indexed if it shows green you have a ranking. This ranges from 1-10 with 10 being the highest.

    4. Pop-up Blocker: Blocks those annoying little pop ups and can be turned off if you want.

    5. Blog this: You can access Google's own blogging site and place a free blog here. This will be picked up by Googlebots and can help to index your web pages faster.

    6. Translating a web page: This is a useful feature as it this will enable you to translate a web page. This can be valuable for special research.

    7. Auto fill: This is very useful for filling forms and again saves a lot of time

    8. Spell check: corrects spelling errors in web forms, discussion groups and web-based mail.

    Can the Google Toolbar help improve Page Rank? Yes and here's how:

    1. Check your own Page rank

    2. Check any website Page Rank-this is useful when want to you check on a website you are going to link with

    3. Check competitors ranking

    4. There is a backwards link button-this allows you to check the links of a site.

    As you can see this free Google tool bar is a very useful little tool. It saves you time and allows you to check on other websites. It is always good to keep an eye on your competition.

    This is just another way you can partner with Google to benefit your business. Google is not an unfriendly giant they welcome webmasters to partner with them. After all when you think about it the more webmasters they have on their side the better it is for them. They in turn can place their Google ads with us (Google Adsense) and check on the searches we are doing. This allows them to improve their search engine, which also helps us when we have to search for something. This is just another win, win situation for you and Google.

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