Tuesday, October 3, 2006

AdSense Tips: New Opportunities

AdSense Tips: New Opportunities

One of the great things about Adsense is that it changes all the time. Google is always introducing new tools and tinkering with its policies. That's why it doesn't matter how well you've set up your traffic sources or how impressive your CTR is right now, you always have to check the Adsense site and stay up to date with what's happening.

Fail to stay on the ball and you could find that your top technique could suddenly get you banned or that you're missing out on an opportunity to massively boost your revenues.

That sounds like a lot of extra work, so why is it a good thing?

It's a good thing because it means that Google is very responsive to its publishers. If you've got an idea that you think would improve the way Adsense works, there's no reason why you shouldn't drop them a line or start talking about it on one of the forums. We don't have control over Adsense but we do have influence. We should all be using it.

In fact, at the end of August, Google announced some more changes to its policies. (I say "announced," but if you weren't regularly checking the Adsense policies page or following Adsense news, you wouldn't have known a thing about it.)

The first change is that you can now put ad units on your error, login, registration, thank you and welcome pages. That's a huge difference.

Obviously, you want to put your ad units in as many places as possible to increase the odds that someone will click. But for most people, these pages contain nothing more than a couple of words. That doesn't give a good context for targeted ads and it makes it unlikely that anyone's going to click.

If you want to put ads on these pages then, it will probably pay to turn them into extra content pages. You wouldn't have to put too much on them: just enough to make sure that you're getting the right ads and to draw eyes to the unit without making it look like an advertisement. That's going to require making a few changes to your site but if you can make money when someone types in the wrong password, why shouldn't you?

The second change is even bigger. Google have now introduced a Top Queries tool that lets you see the most popular 25 keywords that people enter into your Adsense search box. That's even more important and I'm going to explain how you can that into cash in my next article. Don't miss it!

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