Thursday, September 21, 2006

Adsense Advertising Money, Google's recipe to success

Adsense Advertising Money, Google's recipe to success

Google applied their simplicity and efficiency to advertising, and gave birth to adsense, one of the most reputable and popular methods of making money online today.

Google realised that the key to successful online advertising was to show the right ads to the right customers. This in turn increases your click through rate, a measure of the percentage of visitors who have clicked an advert on your website, ultimately creating you revenue.

One of the many challenges facing webmasters looking to profit from their websites is to find relevant adverts that suit the content of their website. So how does Google adsense tackle this problem? Simple, they choose the right ads to put on your website for you.

Once you have placed adsense code on your website, a process that takes only a few clicks, it will start displaying relevant ads within minutes.

But how?

Utilising their powerful search engine algorithms, google adsense code scans your page, harvesting keywords, subtitles, body text and content in order to choose relevant ads to display on your page. This process occurs as your page loads, meaning your adverts remain relevant, even if the content is dynamic.

Over time, google monitors which adverts are the most successful on your site, automatically filtering off the less profitable ones, fine tuning your page into a money-making machine.

So how do you go about getting adsense on your website?

Again, Google have struck gold by keeping it simple. Signing up for an adsense account is free, quick and easy. Visit to find out more.

During initial sign up, you must agree with the following policies that outline what is permitted under the program. One interesting condition that google stipulates in the agreement, is that you must not place adverts on pages without any content. Not only would this defeat the mechanics of the program, but also serves to maintain the quality of the Adsense network. You must agree to the following guidelines in the application when registering for an account.

• I agree that I will not click on the Google ads I'm serving through AdSense.

• I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.

• I agree that I can receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above.

• I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content.

• I certify that I have read the AdSense Program Policies.

Visit to find out more.

Good luck!

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