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Do Your Readers Wish You Would Stop Writing Articles?

Do Your Readers Wish You Would Stop Writing Articles?
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For a lot of us, writing articles can be a chore. Even if you don't gnaw on your nails in the fear of breaking grammatical rules, the thought of churning out even one 700+ word article per week is probably daunting. Imagine writing one per day!

So we search for tools and aids to help us break the writer's block. We hope that we can produce a brilliant discussion that grips the reader with its 'profundity'. We labour over the topic of the article and sweat bullets over every paragraph.

But is there an alternative that is easier - and sometimes more effective?

Concentrate On Effectiveness, Not Wordiness

Does your marketplace require all articles to be thorough discussions of the subject matter? Think about it.

My reading habits (and there are a lot of people who read like me) may prove differently. The sheer volume of information that we have to process now forces us to take a different approach to our reading.

More and more we scan the material, seeking the nuggets from the body of text that catch our attention and that seem worthy of careful consideration.

Get To The Point Already!

That would explain why concise bullet points are very important parts of communications - they get the message across quickly.

That's why writing quick tips is an increasingly powerful strategy. Extracting the substance and offering a tip instead of a lengthy article demonstrates your grasp of the topic - it takes good understanding to boil ideas down to their essence and communicate them quickly.

More and more readers will appreciate this as it saves us valuable time and allows us to return to our business of implementing the solutions.

Beat The Article-Writing Demon Into Submission!

While those who are haunted by visions of articles refusing to be written may be determined to conquer the demons and become skilled at producing lengthy articles on demand, you can relax in the knowledge that there's another way.

Take one thought at a time, one practical 'how to' snippet and explain it in a brief tip. Say what has to be said and nothing more.

Create a short tip article made of primarily bulleted points. Circumvent your blank page blues.

You can be sure your readers and your previously fearful heart will thank you for it.

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Jadyn Benjamin writes for - an article directory where you are rewarded - not penalized, for writing single tips and short tip articles. Visit: to learn how to claim your reward.

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