Friday, December 8, 2006

Top 3 Tips for Better Business Ads

Top 3 Tips for Better Business Ads
by Small Business Advertising Expert BIG Mike McDaniel

The content of advertising is basically the same no matter what the media. It is good and it works, or it is bad. Some TV ads are so clever people tend to remember the cleverness and forget the product.

Here are the big 3 tips to help you create better ads for your business. Better newspaper and radio ads. Better billboards, cable commercials, Yellow Pages, anything with your name on it.

Sell Benefits not Features
Lure them to your business with a promise of a great benefit. "Brushless Car Wash" is a feature "Cleaner than new in two minutes" is a benefit. Once you get the customer in the door you can brag about the features of your product or company,

Stay Out of It
No matter how hard the ad rep punches, don't cave in to the temptation to be in the ad. Your mug shot in the paper, or voice on the radio, or (YUK) you standing in front of the store in a cable commercial does not sell anything but your ego. Stay out of it and use the extra time to sell benefits.

Be Consistent
Use the same look and feel in all your ads. Coordinate so the message is the same everywhere. Every ad builds on your business brand image, don't change the concept because YOU are getting tired of it. The exposure level with potential customers is much less than with you.

To have the best advertising, YOU must become the advertising expert. Advice from the person selling advertising is usually best only for the media being pitched and does not help you with the others. Become an astute observer of others who advertise and use the best elements you see.

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