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Profit with You Tube And Video Advertising- Take your marketing to the next level

Profit with You Tube And Video Advertising- Take your marketing to the next level
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Take your marketing to the next level with the power of visual aids. In today"(tm)s business world your potential customers are getting savvier and sales copy needs to cater to their needs. The written word is just not enough anymore, additions like sound and video help to bring your message home and make your sales page really stand out and be noticed.

Google"(tm)s latest acquisition of "YouTube" has brought attention to an up and coming form of advertising, the use of videos. This has become a common form of advertising on many websites. How effective is it and how can it help you? This depends on the way you use it, your product and to a certain extent your market.

Firstly let us touch on YouTube: What is it and how does it work? It is a community network that is free to join. You can share videos with anyone you want. For instance if I had some hot piece of software that I wanted you my subscribers to know about I could make a little video on how it works and give you the link to see it for yourself at YouTube.

How to set up your account: It is free to join, so just fill out the form and you are ready to go.
Uploading your video: Use a camcorder (webcam), digital camera or cell phone to make your video. Copy the movie to your computer and upload. If you want to do some editing you can use IMovie or Windows MovieMaker to add special effects and titles.

Your options: You have several options here are a few:

1. You can find video groups with people who share your interests. Create and join these groups of people and enjoy sharing videos.
2. Customize by making playlists and subscriptions.
3. You can integrate with your website by using video embeds or APIs.

Be a Star: Members have a voting system if they like your video enough then they will give it a lot of votes. YouTube admin in return will put highly rated videos in their featured section. They also accept recommendations and look for interesting videos themselves.

So there you have it in a nutshell. But how can YouTube help your business? Here are a few ways:

  • The obvious one is if you are selling software and need to let your potential customers know how it works and show them how it can benefit them.
  • If you sell devices or appliances coffee makers tea makers etc. This is a nice little addition to your sales pitch.
  • Beauty and health products-so how can you use that eyeliner and mascara to make that beautiful melting look? Give a little demo movie and perk up those sales.
  • Got a service-sell yourself and your service with a short personal invitational video. Potential clients love the personal touch.

    These are just a few ideas. I am sure you have many more. Put links to your YouTube videos on your website and make your sales copy come alive. Remember "seeing is believing" and videos can be powerful promotion tools. You can even put new life into your newsletter or ezine with a little show and tell. Your subscribers will enjoy the fun of seeing something different.

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    Cathy Q is a freelance writer/copywriter She has written hundreds of articles on Internet marketing and home businesses. She is the publisher of the free Internet Marketing newsletter A-Y-B

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