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The Google Factor Part 3 Google Adsense

The Google Factor Part 3 Google Adsense
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Here is a way you can make money for free with Google. Be part of their advertising machine. Google Adsense has hit the news with a big hoopla; people are cashing in on this in an alarming fashion. There are template packages, information books by the 100s videos and membership sites offering all kinds of Private Label Articles.

Now let's cut through all this stuff and get down to the basics of how to really earn money with Adsense sites. Here's how to set this up.

Firstly get your keywords.

1. You will need to find the high paying keywords. The quickest way to do this is to join it is a monthly fee but every week you will get a list of high paying keywords to build your Adsense sites around and you will make your money back.

2. Once you have your main keyword go to and find your basic keywords and phrases. This is a free download with lots of good tools and help.

3. Get more keywords and find high demand and low supply (niche keywords). You can use Wordtracker to help you do this. There is a nominal fee but it is worth it. We are looking at a long-term investment here. Follow their instructions and you will find this quite simple to do. You can amass a number of good niche keywords for this.

Put all these keywords on excel and keep them ready.

Go to

1. Set up an account with Google-it is free

2. Decide what sort of ad format you want on your website-follow instructions

3. Insert the html in your website

That's it. Now you do need to have a website to do this so let's pause a little and set up a basic one.

Setting up a website:

1. You will need an HTML editor for this. Very often your hosting company provides this free. However if they don't then you will need to invest in one. It will be well worth your investment and will be necessary for your Adsense success. Microsoft Front Page and Dreamweaver are 2 reliable ones.

2. Get a template: Front Page has quite a few good ones built in. You can get packages of these at EBay for a reasonable price. You can also get free ones but they are not always that good.

3. Fill your website with content. These will be articles based on high paying keywords for your theme. Ideally you should have at least 50 to be able to make money.

4. Put your Adsense code on each content page

5. Drive traffic to your website

Let's go into details:

Firstly content, this is not as daunting a task as you think. There are a few ways to handle this:

1. Write them yourself-time consuming but possible

2. Get them professionally written-you can find writers at or who will write optimized articles for you.

3. Join a membership site and get PLR (private label rights articles). Now bear in mind there will be 100 plus members on that same site receiving those same articles so you will need to do a little rewriting to make them original. Google will only accept original content on their partner sites.

4. You will need to optimize the articles. Each one must be built around one or two keywords from your list.

5. Make your content informative and about 400-500 words in length

6. Do not put too much up at a time, you can do it in small chunks as Google will penalize you if you put-up a huge amount of content on a site all at once.

That's it for content. Now you will need to put the Adsense code on your web pages. There are a couple of things you will need to do.

1. Choose the right format that matches your website- use either the lieder board for the top or the skyscraper for the side

2. Position the ads correctly the highest paying positions are top and the right hand side. If possible try to use these positions. Google gives a little tutorial on this.

3. Read Google's tutorials and tips carefully-you may want to filter ads for better targeting

Now you are ready to go. Your next step is to drive traffic to your site. Here are some common ways:

1. Search engine submission

2. Blogging

3. Linking-especially back links

4. Article distribution

Tricks to make serious money:

1. You will need to make multiple sites-do not link unrelated sites together and do not launch them all at once. This will make Google think you are trying to spam them. Just launch 1-2 per week

2. Always optimize your content-use isolation keywords to do this. The articles will be based on just 1-2 keywords or phrases from your list.

3. Continue to add new original informative content every week

4. Add one of Google's link ads to your pages as well as a line of their ads.

With these few points you can make a start with your Google Adsense sites. Remember play by the rules and they will reward you. Do get a couple of books on Google Adsense for a few extra tips but don't believe those who say they are making unreal amounts of money here. You can make a good living but it's very doubtful to be a 6-figure income. So go ahead and have fun making money by partnering with Google Adsense.

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Cheryl Miller is an entrepreneur specializing in niche markets. For more information about magnetic badges and how they can help you promote your business, please visit Cheryl is also the publisher of the Magnetic Marketer Newsletter:

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