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Creativity in Article Writing Will Help You to Succeed!

Creativity in Article Writing Will Help You to Succeed!
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Search engines love fresh, unique and creative information. Why is this? People love this kind of information and demand it when they use their favorite search engine to find it. The more people in love with their search engine, the more products and services that can be sold.

Website owners know this also. Many webmasters search for creative content to put on their websites much the same as Indiana Jones searched for the Holy Grail.

So you too want to succeed in an internet business? By now you have already learned that writing articles and distributing them to other websites for publishing is a good thing. Webmasters need content and you need to promote your own website.

You start out your writing with a bang! You learn all the tricks of the trade! You write a couple dozen articles or so with great passion and then bam! You hit a brick wall and can't think of anything else to write about.

So how do you get the creative juices to flow again?

One way that has worked for me is a Private Label Rights (PLR) membership. A PLR is basically the rights for you to use someone else's work as if it was your own. Depending on the membership, there can be differences in whether you actually own the copyright, but usually the original author who wrote the article gives you the right to distribute it as your own or to write derivatives of their content.

This is creative?

Not really. Many popular article directories also ban the publishing of these kinds of articles. Search engines also take a rather dim view of this kind of content. Many experts believe there will even be a penalty eventually given by the search engines to this kind of duplicate content, regardless of the rights given to the new author. It's questionable though, how this duplicity can be determined.

So what's so great about a PLR membership then?

Most PLR organizations are aware of the negative value associated with simply republishing their content under a different author's name. In fact, if it is any good at all they will advise you to rewrite it before republishing it.

"Rewriting an existing article" would mean...

If you're considering this from the search engine's point of view, which many people are, then rewriting simply means to make the article content unique.

To make an article unique you simply need to change some of the words, rearrange some of the sentences and maybe add sentences here and there. Some experts would say that you simply need to add a new paragraph and the start and end of the article - who knows if this is true except the search engine developers?

I've never actually changed a PLR article in this way. I use the analogy with this technique of article writing to the days of duplicating music cassette tapes. People would start with the clear sounding original and make copies. Each generation of copies would become less clear than the original. Eventually the copies would have very little clarity and become unusable.

Changing PLR articles to the benefit of search engines only will cloud the original message to the point of mumble jumble. It eventually becomes useless content without the least bit of creativity.

Remember the first paragraph of this article?

Search engines want fresh and creative article content because the people who use their search engines demand it. They will have to task their engineers to remove this kind of content or their users will go to their competitor in a heartbeat to find their quality information.

What PLR content does bring to the table as "value added" is ideas for new articles. As you read thru the many articles provided by a membership, ideas are triggered in your mind which you can then fill in with your own personal writing.

Why pay for a PLR membership for this kind of creative juice? Could you not just spend time at a popular article directory site and accomplish the same?

Sure, if plagiarism does not bother you. Most people understand what this means and do not want to do this as part of their article. They may need help with their article writing and copy a sentence or two as part of their new article. This is perfectly acceptable with the articles provided as part of the PLR membership.

You could think of this as a "Creativity Crutch" to help you get thru the learning curve of writing your own content from scratch. Eventually, you'll read a few paragraphs from a PLR article, close it, and write a completely new article from scratch.

Don't let lack of creativity stop you from writing your own articles.

Learn the trade and reap the rewards!

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