Monday, August 28, 2006

Making Money With Blogging

Making Money With Bloggingby Michelle Bery

The digital pioneer, as he is often called, Clement Mok had it correct when, a few years ago, he said, “Five years ago, we though of the Web as a new medium, not a new economy”

We live in a world where not only the Inernet, but blogging can make increase your profit line. In the 90’s, in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, a young man by the name of Justin Hall became one of the pioneers of what is now known as blogging. He began an Internet journal, and quite honestly, this is how Blogging was born.

The technical description of blogging is “Weblog” according to most dictionaries and anal people. Usually the blog can be anything from commentaries to diaries, and can contain links, photos and more.

Here is how to make money by using Weblogs-First and most importantly, get a web log! It is really easy to do. You can do this by doing a quick search and you will find that there are free, yes, and free blogs. It’s easy, fast and fun to get one. Two of the most popular are: and, however do a search as there are many to choose from.

Google Adsense: This is another fantastic avenue and you virtually do nothing in exchange for it. Hit in any search engine, preferably Google, “Adsense” or “Google Adsense” and then follow the easy, fruitful way to net money making. It’s really that easy. []

This may sound too easy, but simply ask for money. It’s a simple concept really. If you have like, a hundred people looking at your charismatic prose every week, or say, more, then if you guilt them into giving you a dollar for each time they view, that’s, well, at least a hundred dollars. You have to be forward and guilt them. It has worked in the past. It can work for you.

Don’t overlook the obvious, and sell something. You can sell a product or service - on your blog, you can sell whatever you want. I know a ton of people, myself inclusive, use [] CafĂ©’Press. Basically, you choose what you want to sell; you design it online in about four seconds, and poof! Like magic you are selling personalized stuff. Everything from coffee cups to T-shirts. You choose the mark-up and you make the money on whatever you marked up.

Banner advertising is also a great way to make money. You charge others for the banner to be on your site and you do nothing. It’s like web slum lording; how fun is that!

If you want to know if blogging works, check these fantastic case studies They sell themselves!

Think of blogging like any small business. Research and know what you are doing. Don’t blog if you hate computers or typing. You must have a true Internet interest. You also must blog about something you really enjoy or, yourself – but only the latter if you want to gather (or have enough) friends, family and networking opportunities to get the ball rolling.

Have the passion in your life explode on that blog. Start piggybacking banners, ads and some sales opportunities within the blog. Ask for money. Ask for donations. Have a membership mailing list that people pay for. Do what ever it takes to generate interest and charge for it.

Blogging isn’t old but isn’t new. A set of rules does not exist to a master plan of making money, and so far, I haven’t become a bazillionaire off of blogging myself; but I do know this. – that if you are interesting (or think you are) and have the guts and determination to make a business out of blogging, you may just be a thousand dollar blogger.

Michelle is bona fide professional blogger. If you're aiming for six figure online profits then you NEED her fresh, upbeat advice! Make money online the fun way.

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